Blank Pages Inspire Individual Creativity to Write Daily

Good evening! Do you know how inspirational the ‘blank page’ can be? I view the ‘blank page’ as an open invitation to release my creativity.  When I see a blank page — my internal creative antenna goes on alert and kicks into high gear.  I see space that allows me to release ideas, and character profiles. I see a home for factual data that I have gleaned from extensive research. I see fonts dancing so graciously to form beautiful words.  I see sentences engaging in conversation, having intellectually stimulating conversations while forming great stories to be read – and re-read — through the years.  Surely, as a writer, you have experienced many days when you have ideas dancing around in your head, just waiting to leap out onto a blank page. You spend the day rubbing your temples because you know that if you do not find a blank page, you are going to “s-c-r-e-a-m” because all of your characters and facts are yelling – “Let me outta here!”  The moment you arrive at the blank page, your fingers are tingling with excitement the closer they get to the keyboard. When your body is sending these messages, you know, as a writer, it is going to be an excellent writing day – you smile and “let your fingers do the typing” rapidly across the pages — as you free the words that have been demanding to be released from your mind all day — and you reap the benefit with a high word count for the day which, no doubt, edges closer to the end of another fascinating story.  When I cannot get access to my writer’s notebook or laptop, I use sticky notes as ‘blank pages’…tell me what ‘blank pages’ inspire you?


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