How To Turn Perfectionism Into A Benefit To Improve Daily Writing

Good evening!  My grandmother fed me daily insight! This particular treasure inspired my writing episode today – “Life wasn’t handed to you on a silver platter!” I was utterly confused about the meaning of these very wise words at the time that my grandmother spoke them.  Fortunately, for me, age brings wisdom – I now apply her brilliant words as I write daily.  Confession: “I am a ‘p-e-r-f-e-c-t-i-o-n-i-s-t’!” Whew, it is becoming easier to admit — now that I am trying to use this declaration in a productive manner.  So…here goes! Before applying my dear grandmother’s wise words, I would procrastinate with my writing — because I was waiting for everything to be “just-so perfect” before I began my writing episode. For instance, I would demand of myself a perfect writing space —- a perfect notebook — a perfect pen — search for the perfect words — the perfect time of day — Ok, so you get where I ‘was’ going with my perfectionism, right? Guess what? — The only perfect thing I was successful in — back then — was perfectly low word count. Once I stopped expecting everything to be perfect — “silver platter” — I finally allowed myself to reap the positive benefits of being a perfectionist that lead to productivity.  I no longer need a perfect anything — now I can write ANYWHERE – in ANY PLACE – at ANY TIME – with ANY PEN (or laptop, tablet, etc.) – using ANY WORD!  My results improved dramatically! My positive view on perfectionism has transitioned into higher daily word count – that amounts to a novel each year – which I have completed twice by partipating in “NANOWRIMO“. Are there any fellow perfectionist out there? How do you channel your perfectionism?


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