Disappointments Can Bring Joy To Your Daily Writing

Hello fellow writers! I hope you all had a fantastic Friday.  We have to be breaking records with the unbelievably cold temperature outside today.  Since I am not a fan of cold weather, I thought I would allow the temperature to inspire me to write today. I liken cold weather to joyful disappointments in life. A twist to the type of disappointment you experience when plans do not unfold the way you expected. You see – I like to view the positive side of difficult situations. How can can this fit into your writing today…let’s try this…imagine you wrote a scene that did not unfold as you anticipated — for instance, you happened to prep for your story with an outline; yet, after writing your scene, you realize that the scene does not connect to your outline – is your immediate reaction not ‘disappointment’? Instead of deleting the scene, which might be your inclination, keep this point in mind — as a writer, you have the power to make an immediate shift by letting what appears to be a disappointment become your inspiration to take your scene in a different direction — and, perhaps, you may get a reward of enjoying the new story better  than the original draft – that’s the joy of editing. Although I feel disspointed on cold days because I cannot sit at a warm park bench and write – I find joy when I see the sun on an extremely cold day – as it is still the sun and it does brighten my day – which makes me both cold and happy, thus ‘joyful disappointment’. How does cold weather inspire you?


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