Writers: As Unique As Snowflakes

Good evening! What a day…mourning…cold…snow…ice! Just for the record…I do not like cold weather! However, I cannot deny the beauty and pleasure the snow brings…from snowflakes – to – snowmen! Snowflakes really inspire me – the beautiful shapes and how they glisten as they are falling. I understand the theory to be — “There are no two snowflakes alike!” Think about that for a moment — that makes each snowflake ‘unique‘! As writers, would you not agree, this same theory could apply to us? There are many ways that we (writers) are unique — although we all use many of the same words, that we glean from the same dictionaries, we use such words in a different pattern that defines our unique voice. Each story that we tell to the world is uniquely ours. For instance, two authors can write a book on the exact same subject – The result would be two very different, unique, stories. We would hear reviews stating, “I really like the way “X” told that story on the topic – verses the way “Y” told it. That was very unique!”

With that comparison in mind, the next time you witness snowflakes falling, stop and take a moment to identify the many shapes and to acknowledge how similar you (writer) are to their uniqueness.

Just curious….beauty and uniqueness aside — can someone please tell me how many more days we have until Spring arrives?


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