Define Your “Why” To Increase Daily Word Count

Good evening! Have you defined your “why”? Have you finished this sentence, internally, “I write because ______!” Every action we take is preceded by our thought process. Many of our actions have become routine, leaving us thinking, “I no longer have to put much thought into doing “X”.” Does this sound familiar? Has this happened with your writing process? Imagine that your words are marching around in your head stating to each other, “Hi there, I see that you were invited too. Did you get any instructions on what we are supposed to do now that we are here — because I have no clue! Hmm…I noticed that some of the other words in this room look just as confused as I am — I sure hope whoever invited us here is going to appear soon and give us some instructions!” This could actually be one of the reasons that your word count is low. Attention all writers! You have the ability to increase your daily word count…try this exercise…before you begin your writing process – internalize this statement, “I write because ______!”  Such a statement gives clear instructions to the words you invited to perform in your story. After you state your reason clearly — watch your words line up at your command — willing to land wherever you instruct them, filling your pages.  Get ready to celebrate higher word count!


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