Embracing Change Refreshes Daily Writing

Good evening! No sunshine today, just cold! Cold, cold, cold! I am inspired today by change, because it is all around us. Sometimes we can control it by choosing it, but most of the time – it happens without getting our permission or asking if we are prepared for it. I know it sounds as if change would be difficult to be inspirational, especially when it is chosen for us. However,  my amazing grandmother tought me to always search for the “silver lining” in every aspect of life, especially change. She said that there is always a lesson when we face changes in life. I agree with her wisdom. Therefore, when change happens in my life – my first response is to greet it with this question, “What lesson am I to learn from this change?” I cannot express how much this has helped my writing.  This perspective allows me to look at a scene from all angles. It also allows me to view the facts that I glean through a clearer lens. Change tells us a lot about ourselves and, it is a fact, the more you know about yourself – the more honest your writing becomes! Great stories stem from honesty. I invite you to incorporate some recent change into your writing piece today and share if that bit of honesty enhanced the words on your pages.


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