Writing Success Begins With a Winning Support Team

Good evening! I am a big football fan — so with a big game on tonight – my mind has been on football all day! There is so much inspiration in this sport.  I have many fun childhood memories about football. I really enjoy watching fans show team spirit by donning creative shirts, hats, and scarves. How does football connect to writing daily…you may be asking. The inspiration I am gleaning from football, is how members of a team support each other, and s-o-m-e-t-i-m–e-s, support the opposing side.  For instance, one of my favorite parts in a game, is when one of the members of either team takes a tough hit – the field is silent – the stands are silent — when the player rises UNINJURED the supportive roaring from both sides fills the stadium — the support extends on the field as the guys, on both sides, are bumping fists in support of the ‘sigh of relief’ that all are grateful that the player was NOT injured — an expression of true compassion! Here’s where we connect the dots – to writing — surround yourself with a team that will support your daily word count — a team that will  will encourage you to sit in that chair and get your words done every day and encourage you to increase your word count daily.  Keep in mind that a true friend (team) is one who wants you to succeed – just like fans want their team to win! So – go play ball!! — ooops, I meant — go write!!


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