Learn The Value In Being An Authentic Writer

Good evening! Have you ever found yourself at an event, or a place that you attend on a regular basis, with a room full of people presenting themselves to be someone, or something, that you eventually learn they are not! I experienced this once with an author whom I had followed for a decade. When I finally had an opportunity to meet them, I immediately realized that I had set myself up for a large dose of disappointment because they were nothing like the person who wrote the pages that I had followed for ten years. O my! — I felt extremely confused! I kept wondering, after the exchange, “Did that author just write this stuff, without actually believing it? It’s non-fiction – it’s supposed to be factual!”  One of Webster’s definitions for authentic is “genuine” – meaning – “not counterfeit or artificial”. Hmmm…artificial is an interesting term, here’s what Webster offers for such a word, “not natural”…showing synonyms to be, “unreal” and “false”. Fellow writers, I extend this huge lesson from my experience – when you present pages to the public – be genuine! – be authentic! – always present yourself as who you are on the pages — to match who you are as a human being as you walk through your daily life. Unlike my experience, your fans will love you and support you for presenting your “authentic” self to them. Another bonus is that you will feel better at the end of every day because you are also being “true to yourself”.


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