Solitude Plus Strong Belief Equates To Excellent Writing

Good evening! I think we are getting closer to Spring as it wasn’t too cold…and the sun brightened my entire day! You know what I love the most about being a writer? It’s the solitude! Just me – and my words – having an amazing time; getting to know one another very well and creating amazing stories together. I was reminded recently why I value solitude. As a writer, I need a conflict-free environment to allow my creativity to spark. Since I write in a quiet space alone, the only conflict that arises is intentional between characters on the pages. I believe every one of you, who carved time out of your busy day to read this, has the potential to write well because everyone has a story to share with the world inside of them. However, the belief in your ability to produce excellent pages begins with your belief in your potential to write! As is expressed in this amazing poem by Walter Wintle, “Thinking” – also known as “The Man Who Thinks He Can” —  my two favorite lines in this well-known poem are “If you think you’ll lose, you’ve already lost.” And the very last line..”The man who wins is the man WHO THINKS HE CAN!”  I encourage you, my fellow writers, to spend more time in solitude to allow yourself to get intimate with your words – to inspire them to fill up your pages so that you can keep sharing your potential with the world.


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