High Self-Esteem Equals Confident Writing

Good evening! Have you ever thought about the affect your own self-esteem has on your writing? How often do you measure your self-esteem? Self-esteem is a key element for writers for many reasons. I want to touch on just one of the reasons today – whatever level our (writers) self-esteem equals at the time we are writing our story – our characters stand a high chance of mirroring that level. This is why it is a good idea to measure our own self-esteem level before we dive into a story.  We cannot expect our characters to perform at a level that we are not able to, can we? Imagine that you have completed a self-evaluation and rated your self-esteem as ‘high’ — that would equate to your confidence in your story being high as well as your confidence in your characters ability to perform in your story. However, if your measurement equates to ‘low’ — chances are high that you will be throwing away a lot of paper or deleting and re-writing a lot of scenes because you will not have the confidence in yourself, your characters or your story. There is good news in such a realization, if your self-esteem measures ‘low’ — this will be great motivation to put methods in action to increase your self-esteem to boost your own confidence which will have a domino effect — your confidence will build in your characters and your story as well.


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