Surreal Experience Confirms Writer’s Progress

Good evening! How do you determine that you have made progress in your writing process? Allow me to share a surreal experience, as I feel that you (my fellow writers) will really appreciate. While attending an event, my heart skipped a beat when the speaker was introduced, because this is the name I had given to a main character in one of my stories. The name familiarity was not what caused my heart to skip a beat – as it was very ironic how identical this individual’s physical traits where to my character. The moment they stepped to the podium to speak — I began to tremble — thoughts were racing through my mind, “Did my character jump out of my story and come to life?” At the conclusion of the event, I fearfully and excitedly approached this individual to get a 3D observation. Thank goodness I was not alone because the closer I stood to this person – the more they matched my character – I was not certain that I could survive such a surreal introduction, “To actually shake my character’s hand! I had never met this person before — how can it be that my character is standing directly in front of me – talking directly to me!” It literally took me a few hours to fall off the cloud I was on…I mean, how often does this happen to writers! This experience felt like ‘progress’ for me; the identical traits confirmed that my character was authentic..which is important to me, as a writer. I want my audience to be able to connect my characters to some real person in their life. This speaker was real, the physical traits were real, the personality was real….the handshake was real! This may be common amongst you amazing seasoned writers, but it was surely a first for me — that I will treasure – and chart as progress in my writing journey.


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