Set Clear Boundaries To Complete Daily Writing

Good evening! How do you protect the time that you designate to complete your daily writing? Let’s pretend it’s Spring, the temperature is perfect outside – your original plan for the day is to meet your writing deadline that’s only a few short weeks away – you are confident that, if you stick to your planned schedule, you are sure to meet your deadline — suddenly the phone rings, it’s your buddy who has scheduled the courts at the local park and want to challenge you to a game of tennis. (Pretend you enjoy tennis.) What is your response?  – A good question to ponder, before you provide your answer is “Am I in the writing business? – or – Is  it my business to write?” Amazing how syntax changes the meaning of your words, isn’t it! The point of this pseudo experience is to bring awareness to the fact that – when you set clear boundaries with your writing schedule – no one will tempt you to deviate from your writing – you are teaching them that you take your writing seriously and you demand them to honor your boundaries. Enforcing your boundaries will earn you much respect as a writer.  Is it easy or difficult for you to reject an invitation that would interfere with your daily writing?


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