Exposure Awakens Discovery To Inspire Daily Writing

Good evening! Let’s complete an exercise together for inspiration today – what do these exhibits all have in common: Art Museum, Science Museum, Library, Music Festival, Bridal Show, Travel Show, and Auto Show? Do you give up? All of these are ways to gain “EXPOSURE”! Yes, you could sit at home and “Google” your way to all of these places and take a virtual tour — that is NOT the type of EXPOSURE that I am describing today – I am speaking of ‘live – physical exposure’ that requires you to exert yourself by gaining transportation to these places, leisurely observing the environment by engaging in conversation with the volunteers stationed at the exhibits or with the vendors stationed at the booths or with the librarians, musicians, or visitors.  What will you gain by completing this EXPOSURE exercise? You will awaken your sense of DISCOVERY! Being face-to-face with art, talent, and people — combined with the act of allowing yourself to engage – you are, in essence, granting permission to your senses to discover something new — new ideas — new points-of-view — new methods — new cultures — new friends. The most rewarding benefit, as a writer, by exposing yourself to all of these different environments, is that you will gain inspiration to write about what you discover. Such exposures have the possibility to be the breeding grounds for many amazing stories.


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