Find Joy in Writing Character Profiles

Good evening! One of my favorite processes in preparing to write a novel is writing character profiles. I attempt to learn every detail that my character is willing to disclose. You see…I don’t want them to reveal e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g…because that removes the element of surprise that I enjoy in my characters. When my characters surprise me – it serves as confirmation that I am on a path to an amazing story. Their surprise sparks my curiosity and encourages me to write more scenes that will allow them to reveal more layers as the story unfolds.  It’s a wonderful feeling to re-read your pages, after such surprises, and be able to appreciate your own work, while stating, “Woe, where did that come from!” I encourage you, my fellow writers, to learn a lot about your characters, however, do leave some wiggle room to allow them to grow.



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2 responses to “Find Joy in Writing Character Profiles

  1. I really enjoyed this posts and completely agree!! I am currently working on a novel and find really appreciate this posts!!


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