Connections: Real or False – Know The Difference As A Writer

Good afternoon! Today, I was reading an amazing book; I felt as thought I really connected to the author’s words – which put a warm smile on my face.  This experience today inspired my writing episode. I wonder how often people make ‘real’ connections. As a writer, knowing the difference between a real connection and one that is NOT – is critical to the authenticity of your writing. I have observed many false connections and heard of many as well, as I am sure you have heard the common one, “I thought we made a connection, but I was wrong!” Many heart-breaks result in false connections, many business partnerships fail because of false connections; this is why it is imperative to know what a ‘real connection’ looks like. Allow me to share an observation as a picture of what a connection does NOT look like…I was visiting my local zoo in the indoor enclosed Gorilla section. One of the small Gorillas was sitting at the window with the inside of its hand face open on the glass and staring out. A young lady had positioned herself directly in front of the glass, and placed her human hand, inside face open, against the viewers side of the glass. She was eye-to-eye with this small Gorilla. It would appear, for those who made a quick glance, that this Gorilla and the visitor had made a ‘connection’ as was obvious as many viewers expressed, “Ah!”, while passing through the exhibit. However, in viewing at close range for just a few minutes, one would realize that, although the lady was sitting only the width of the glass that separated them, at eye level, the Gorilla was looking PAST the lady — she sat in that same position for another half hour (my observation time) with a smile expressing joy and amazement that she was connecting with this Gorilla. This was an example of a “false connection” that appeared real. Looking around the exhibit, I observed multiple small Gorillas in this same stance – proving that this was common behavior for the Gorilla – not an eye-to-eye connection. The writer in me wanted to ask the lady if she noticed that the Gorilla was NOT looking into HER eyes, rather PAST her, yet — the compassionate side of me dared not interrupt her perception of connection that was bringing her obvious joy. –Now here’s an observation of a ‘real connection’…A couple we attended an event with, walked ahead of us to say goodby to each other. When we reached them, they were embraced in a passionate kiss before releasing each other to go in opposite directions, they kept looking back at each other, eye-to-eye, myself and a few of our friends called their names as we walked by to say “Have a good evening!” They did not hear a word we said, their eyes were gleaming – appearing as though both of  them were in a trance, as if they knew what the other was thinking — only seconds later — the distance between them evaporated — as they were back in an embrace — kissing passionately again. This was a REAL connection! Which example of connection would you want in your story – Real or False connections?


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