Curiosity Is A Necessity For Daily Writing

Good evening! Curiosity! I find this trait to be both a strength and a weakness – as a writer. It is a strength in that it keeps me alert to anything that could be the genesis of a new story. Yet, it is a weakness in that it interrupts my sleep with visions of new story ideas. Sometimes, when my curiosity awakens me to analyze a vision to determine how it can be incorporated into a story, I ask myself, “I wonder where the “off” button is for my curiosity trait?” However, when I see the results on my pages that my curiosity enticed me to input into my keyboard – I recall that thought! You know what — I, honestly, would not want to turn off my curiosity trait because I know that, without it, I would not be capable of writing on a regular basis. Yep, curiosity is not only a keeper — it is an absolute necessity for daily writing! How do you tame your curiosity?


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