How Writers Work Mirrors Child’s Play

Good evening! Have you ever watched kids play with a set of “LEGOs”? I have observed this multiple times and noticed how similar it is to the way writer’s work. Notice how a child looks in amazement at the bundle of “LEGOs” when they pour them from the container. They move the many pieces around carefully as they are very selective in which one they will choose to begin to build their very own masterpiece. Notice how often they take a small step back from their project to observe their progress before they add the final piece. Notice that one-of-a-kind smile that follows achievement and admiration of “work well done.” Compare those same steps to how we (writers) complete our projects.  We, likewise, pour tons of word from the dictionary and stare at them in amazement. We, likewise, are very selective in which of those words we choose to include in our breathtaking story. We, likewise, step away from our story (to journal or free-write) to observe our progress – such as, are the scenes cohesive to complete the story. The results, likewise, generate a one-of-a-kind smile that reflects “work well done”. Let us continue learning from the innocent behavior of children that reap amazing results.


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