Anticipation Brings Writer Joy

Good evening! Anticipation can be joyful or it can be physically draining. There are many things that people anticipate in this life that we live – here are just a few that come to my mind – the birth of a child; a score from an exam that we study very hard for; a highly sought after award nomination; the date of an event you want to attend; a winning touchdown from your favorite football team; or a positive review from a book critic in a national magazine or newspaper. Does it not make you  feel anticipation when you read any of these scenarios? How can we incorporate anticipation into our daily writing?  Actually, as writers, we live in a mode-of-anticipation — as most writers wake up making a mad-dash to a writing device to capture an idea or a scene  – this same routine, no doubt, repeats itself throughout every writer’s day — and we love it! This is the type of anticipation that brings joy! How do you handle anticipation? 



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2 responses to “Anticipation Brings Writer Joy

  1. Oh how I feel anticipation before I write. It literally brews inside, the thoughts swell in my brain, until I can finally sit down and let it all spill out on paper. Anticipation!! I love this!! You have also reminded me to remember anticipation factor within my story, as good writing leaves the reading anticipating!! Great post! Thank you!


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