Writer Finds Lesson In “BIG Game”

Good afternoon! I am sure that today’s focus is the BIG game — so, I’ll make this a brief one. I am feeling just a little ‘torn’ today because my team didn’t make it! {She says as she wipes a tear falling down her cheek.}

I am inspired by yet another lesson that the great sport of football is teaching us today — which I find very interesting. Here goes…have you noticed that, when our team was playing against one of these standing teams, we searched for every weakness that the opposing side had and highlighted it (that’s just what we do in football – a little camaraderie) yet when they defeated our team, and many others, to make it to this final showdown – we find ourselves now searching for the strengths in each team to determine which we will support, because before 6:30 pm – in Arizona – If we claim to be a fan of the great sport of football, (I am!) we will be rallying behind one of the two standing teams. A side must be chosen! We will be expressing the saying, “If you can’t beat them – join them!” Let’s play ball!….but let us not forget to write today!


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