Positive Outcomes from Dual Perspectives For Writers

Good evening! Writers are readers; and readers are writers! Why would you think it is important, as a writer, to keep this in mind? Let’s examine this from both perspectives. As a reader — we are attracted to certain traits that the author has expressed – either visually or contextually – or both. We pay attention to what drew us to pick up that particular book to read. We respond to our book choice with similar statements, such as, “I was intrigued by the way the author drew me into their story.” The reason I give this point of view first is because this reasoning is the foundation of our writing, which ties into the writer’s perspective…we must write as if our ideal reader is standing behind us, peaking over our shoulder, watching each keystroke and responding with constructive feedback, “No, I wouldn’t read it if you typed it like that, but I would if you let that other character say it – I would believe him!”  If you write with the same sense of style that you enjoy reading – then you will already have one satisfied fan. I mean, think about it, would you really blame anyone for ‘not’ wanting to read something you wrote if you are not interested in reading it – how genuine is that?! (A rhetorical question – just to help guide us.) I have found each perspective to have positive outcomes…why not try to write a few pages from each point of view.


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