Passion Keeps Writer Awake

Good morning! What I love about being a writer is that it sharpens my perception because I am always in observation mode. There is a slight caveat to this amazing sense – it heightens my passions. Allow me to explain – when I observe a person being treated “unfairly” it eats at the very core of my soul because unfair treatment is cruel! Many adults can advocate for themselves, but children do not always have the tools to advocate for themselves – what is most important is that they should not have to – any adult who chooses to treat a child in an unfair manner is a cruel human being! Children are gifts and they should be valued and treasured to the highest degree! I have a passion for protecting children – being their voice when they are not able to speak or when I feel that they should not have to speak, instead be allowed to be a child because we all only get one chance to be a child – therefore, their innocence and freedom should be shielded to allow them do so in a safe and healthy environment – anything below this level is simply unacceptable! This is what keeps me awake in the wee hours of the night;  typing  at 5am. Writing is therapy for my soul. Some issues we can resolve immediately – others, when unfair treatment is involved, takes time. When my passion and patience collide, as it is this morning, then I use writing to calm my soul. Most of the time it works! Sometimes the only thing that works is to have justice prevail in the matter that keeps me awake – unfortunately, justice is a slow process — I fill in that time with writing, writing, and more writing! It is these such matters that is the genesis of many great stories.  Passion ignites a flame so strong inside my soul that I sometimes cannot contain the flow of words lined up to jump onto the pages and express, in written form, what I am feeling inside. When I see my words patterned on the pages – I can then process my feelings that have been stirred inside. This is when one of my journal exercises prove to be effective – the freedom I feel to express myself in my journal feels like “therapy in a bottle” – one journal session can equate to an entire year of therapy because I give myself permission to release all internal intrusions in a very safe environment. I shield this healthy environment that I have built for myself. A dream that I have is for all children in this world to be nurtured by emotionally healthy adults who will protect their innocence, to allow them freedom to express their creativity in a safe environment which will allow them to have the confidence to reach their full potential.  Until that goal is achieved…..I write!


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