Writer Keeps Hometown Close To Heart

Good evening! Ahhh…a tease of Spring today! Love it! Days like these make me homesick. When I create characters that stray far from home, I can dive into the pages because this subject really pulls on my heartstrings.  I comfort these characters with fragrances and sounds that are similar to their hometown, then slowly introduce them to the new surroundings. I hear this statement a lot – “Home is where the heart is!” I’ve seen it displayed on pillows – and posters – and wooden picture frames. Personally, I think it is the other way around – my heart is back home – and that is where I keep my characters heart too. While I do not think I will ever return to live in my hometown – I know that I could never stop visiting. Every time I travel down the highway and get closer to home – I feel a warm sensation in my heart that reminds me how special home is. While I create a comforting environment for my characters new dwelling, I keep them connected to their hometown. I’ll keep doing this until one of them surprises me and rejects my theory – it’ll be an interesting surprise because I cannot say, as of today, how I would actually handle such a surprise.


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