Writing Through Difficult Challenges

Good evening! I hope you all had a fantastic Friday. I have noticed that our days are getting longer….aah…and the sun is shining brightly! You know the saying, “Write what you love!” I agree with this saying wholeheartedly. When I try to write what I despise – it is difficult – very difficult. Just a few days ago– I challenged myself to write about deceit – this is proving to be one of those challenges that I wish I never made. Lol. I keep asking myself, “Why is this so difficult?” – along with my wonderful grandmother’s voice saying, “What are you to learn in this difficult challenge?” This is not a trait that I know well enough to write about and is certainly one that I despise, I am guessing that most people despise this trait because it is so hurtful — aha!…oooh…I think I just had a breakthrough! This is what I love a about writing…..any situation that I have difficulty with — I resolve it through writing.  It is not this difficult to fill pages when I choose a trait that I like or a topic that I love. However, I have committed to the challenge and I will see it through to completion. I think, after tonight, that I have a new direction on this challenge and I feel that I will not get any sleep tonight because now that I have this breakthrough, I just want to write about it…..so I shall say goodnight so that I may feed this urge to fill pages on this topic. My fingers are feeling energized and my thoughts are screaming to jump onto a blank page….I’ll keep you posted.



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2 responses to “Writing Through Difficult Challenges

  1. iggy23

    This moment of inspiration is what I’m always waiting for before I do serious writing. Not counting challenges and prompts, my writing usually comes out infrequently because of this very issue. It’s difficult to think of something on the go for me and the inspiration just strikes me anywhere. I think most people are like that. Maybe your current run of inspiration can get you to write out something good and that’s because you have to be patient to get something of value!


    • Hi symphonyofliteracy, thanks for stopping by. Thanks for sharing your insight on writing. Thanks, also, for the encouragement. I agree with you on patience, especially in writing about something that I do not like. I’ll keep your wise words in mind on my writing journey.


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