Writer Finds Creative Zone

Good afternoon! Have you found that perfect time of day that your word count spikes to produce a much higher margin than any other time of day? I learned a few years ago that the creative side of my brain enjoys early morning with the rising sun. I am happy that I can produce high word count any hour of the day, since I learned to manage my perfectionism, however, the spike does happen for me in the early morning hours. When I am in NANOWRIMO month, I dedicate the bulk of my writing time to early morning hours – this allows me to coast throughout the day. The benefit of learning your body’s signal to produce is that you can meet your daily goal during that time period, and the rest of the day’s writing is like getting extra credit on an exam. It’s a wonderful feeling to reach the end of NANOWRIMO  – enter your words and receive a higher calculation than 50,000. You know how excellent dancers say, “I don’t count the steps — I just dance!”? Well, that’s how I feel about writing every day during NANOWRIMO, after I meet 1667 words – I then enter this zone – “I don’t count the words – I just write!” I anticipate the final day of NANOWROMO  – when I merge all my daily work into one large file – I get really nervous when I drop my words in to get the final calculation, even though I already see it on the screen in my word processing toolbar –  still, I just cannot explain why I get as giddy as a kid on that day – to see the final word count appear in that tiny box! I think the giddy-ness (if that is such a word – lol) is a result of  pure satisfaction!  Aah the joy of NANOWRIMO!



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2 responses to “Writer Finds Creative Zone

  1. I envy your ability to be a morning person. I simply do not function well before 8 am. However, I do find that writing earlier in the day helps me creatively, because I get my creative work out of the way and do not feel guilty or distracted by unwritten words like I do when I stall my writing until evening. While this is not always possible with a day job, it’s how I prefer to work when I can. Congrats on finding your routine and good luck with your writing!


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