Writer Strives For Daily Improvement

Good evening! Today I am inspired by improvement. Webster defines the root word, improve, as, “to make better” and further defines the full term, improvement, “an addition or change that improves something” – the definition I like best is “the process of becoming better”. The reason I like this definition more is because it has the word ‘process’ in it. Webster gives one definition of process as, “a method of doing something, with all the steps involved” – mapping to the word, method, “a system in doing things or handling ideas”. When all of these words are connected we can determine that the only way to achieve improvement is to have a system that includes steps which require action to motivate the type of change that result in something getting better. This word, improvement, is carved into my subconscious – I really think it is a strand of the DNA in perfectionists. A part of my process is – to measure my current writing against the outcome I want – after I identify the comparison of the outcome I am anticipating – I transpose it into visual content (because I am a visual learner) – then I commit to steps to reach the outcome. This last step is critical! I take action! When I follow through on this last step of taking action; I normally begin to see some improvement immediately…If I take no action, my plan fades away and I become frustrated because I do not reach the outcome I anticipate, most important is that, without action, I do not improve – which is not acceptable to perfectionist, like myself! Therefore, I am always setting small, action-oriented goals, that get me closer to my ultimate outcome – which is to be a stronger writer!


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