Writer Creates New Behaviors For Characters

Good evening! Today I was inspired by an old tape recorder (I am sure there are some folks reading this who remember that great gadget). I was observing the function buttons and thought how similar the prompts are to how we chose to behave in our life….allow me to demonstrate –

FAST FORWARD: This button is for people who skip ‘the process‘ and speed ahead – learning that ‘the process‘ was there for a reason.

REWIND: This button is for people who live life full of regrets – thus always wanting to return to their past and fix something – only to realize that if they had the chance to actually do this, they would not want to change anything.

STOP: This button is for people who get stuck – they make no progress for long periods of time – in essence, they have lost their desire and motivation to move ahead – so they remain where they are, and pretend to be happy.

PAUSE: This button is for people who have learned to relax and live life at a healthy pace – they live long, happy, and healthy lives. 

PLAY: This button is for people who keep moving forward, despite obstacles – they are driven! They reach their goals!

This is just my creative spin on these function buttons that I will utilize with my characters in future stories that I write. Make up your own – or let me know which of the categories created above that you feel best fits your behavior.


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