Writer Willing To Be Vulnerable

Good evening! A friend once said to me, “How is anyone going to read your story if you do not share it?” Of course this was a rhetorical question to motivate me to identify a method that I am comfortable sharing. As writers, we know that we want to share our work  s-o-m-e-d-a-y! Granted, there are some pages that we write with the intent to keep private – such as our daily journal entries. Writing is a vulnerable industry; each time we click that little blue “PUBLISH” button – we are taking a risk! We have no clue if our audience will embrace our words – or reject them….yet, we, confidently, continue to write because we know that we have something valuable to say, as a writer, it is just an unspoken rule that someday another set of eyes will review the pages we created – the fact that we are writing these posts show that we do believe in our ability to produce valuable words. My theory is this — I like to compare writers to candles, there are many uses for candles: a source of light in dark spaces to help you find direction; a source of heat when you feel cold; a feeling of calm when you feel stressed. I feel that our work, as writers, provide the same benefit to our readers. When I click the “PUBLISH” button – I am always hopeful that at least one reader feels a sense of calm from a stressful day – or that my words remind them of something pleasant that provide a sense of warmth in their heart – or that my words provide some insight to guide them through a decision they are making. If my words have touched just one reader in a positive manner – that warms my heart!



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2 responses to “Writer Willing To Be Vulnerable

  1. Well said. Your right reaching one reader is worth it all. No matter what you are writing… You inspired me👏😊


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