Writer Attached To Treasured Correspondence Method

Good evening! A short stop for a Latte’ and journal break – evolved into a three-hour observation project when I visited a crowded cafe. I scanned every nook and cranny, not one patron escaped my eye, from infant to elder. I was sitting with my writing tools: journal, pen, and Latte’ – I glanced up from my journal to observe my surroundings…it was at that moment that it hit me! I was the only patron in this crowded cafe using, what must now be considered, ‘old-fashioned writing tools’ to complete a journal entry. I’m sure that someone may have felt ‘aged‘ if they were in my shoes, as all the other tables were occupied with laptops, iPads, tablets, and even kids were using “LeapFrog” digital learning devices. I giggled as I embraced my journal and pen because I knew this day was approaching – when I would have to face the reality of long-hand writing – which I love – appears to be creeping onto the “extinction” list. Last year, I discovered that many school districts have already removed ‘cursive writing’ from their curriculum. I could not believe it! Whilst I still enjoy sending hand-written letters, and receiving them. I realized, along with this observation, that I have many associates, whom I have known for years,  yet I have never witnessed their penmanship because all of our correspondence is electronic. Long-hand cursive correspondence is in my genes – My grandmother and I exchanged hand-written letters; as well as my mother and sister. My closest friends and I still correspond via hand-written letters. My aim is to keep this treasured method of correspondence alive – I have resolved that I do not mind being the last person who refuses to abandon hand-written correspondence; yes, even if that means that I may be writing such letters to myself. Lol. When was the last time you sent someone a hand-written letter? (No, cards do not count in this instance. Lol)



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5 responses to “Writer Attached To Treasured Correspondence Method

  1. The Happy Typewriter

    Love the journal and pen! Love writing letters too. Was wondering if I can include that part about letter writing in a book I’m working on called Fall in Love with Writing. Over 150 bloggers now have let me include their words as they share their love of writing. There is a section on letter writing and would love to include you in it. Your name, age and country would also go in it but you can be anonymous if you prefer. All good if you’re not interested. Just thought I’d check. Thanks heaps, JD.


    • Hi thehappytypewriter, thanks for stopping by. So glad to hear that you also enjoy writing letters! Sure, you may include the portion on letter writing by giving credit to my blog here. Congrats on your book! Please keep me posted on your publishing date as I surely want to support you and purchase one on letter writing! Love your chosen title!!


      • The Happy Typewriter

        Yay, thanks so much! I’m so glad. The only thing is I’m not including the actual blog addresses of everyone in the book – some people don’t want it included, some are underage, some want to be anonymous, etc. so it’s safer (and less cluttered) without them. I can put you down as dailywritergirl, age, country, though, since many have used their blog names instead of their real name. Is that okay with you? Totally understandable if you’d prefer to decline. But if you’re still up for it, can I get your age and country?


      • Hi thehappytypewriter, thanks for the offer, however, if you cannot give credit to my blog here, then I would like to respectfully decline. I would still like an update on your publishing date, as I would like to read your finished book on the topic of letter writing.


      • The Happy Typewriter

        No worries at all. The letter writing section is only a small part of the book though, so hope you’re not expecting a huge discussion of it from everyone- hehe. I can’t find too many people who want to write about letters, but I’ve got tons on the journal and blog. I guess it shows how letter writing is declining – so sad – love writing letters.


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