Writer Learns Process to Increase Word Count

Good evening! I am curious – what is your thought process before you begin a writing episode? I have learned that the answer to this question has a huge impact on word count results. When my thought process is an inspirational observation or memory – I produce a higher word count than when my thought process goes something like this – “I must write s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g today!” I use to have many days like that – they mostly resulted in low word count! After I began allowing observations to inspire my writing – I benefited with increased word count! I do not deny that I still have rare days that I default back to the above thought process – thankfully, very rare! This thought process can change many times throughout the day – have you ever reviewed a few pages and thought, “What was I thinking when I wrote that?” When I get sleepy and I, unwisely, finish a piece in progress – I get the pleasure of  humoring myself with the results – because the words that drift onto my pages during a sleepy phase is subconscious thoughts – producing similar results as those that attempt to read my thoughts when I write with my smartphone or word processing program on auto-type mode — I giggle and think, “That is not what I meant to say!” Lol. Of course, I spend more time editing those pieces than I do when I write clear pages from my inspirational observations.


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