Writers Have Multiple Research Choices

Good evening! I observed a child, about thirteen years old, having a conversation with their grandmother in a bookstore. Grandmother was reviewing a book on a chosen topic – grandson said, “Grandma, you can “GOOGLE” that, so you don’t have to buy a book about it!” Grandmother responded, “Yes, I know that I can “GOOGLE” anything, but I want to look it up myself!” As a writer – when you want to learn about something – do you (a) ask “GOOGLE” – or – (b) take yourself to a library or book store – walk the aisle – study the title on the shelves – retrieve several titles on your topic from the shelf – compare the data gleaned from each source – choose the content that persuaded you most – borrow or purchase your chosen research tool – return home to conclude your manual research? Writers usually spend a lot of time researching, even small pieces, because we want to verify facts before we publish. Do you engage the librarians at your local library who have a wealth of knowledge? Do you dig deeply into the databases available at the library? We are very fortunate to have so many choices available to help us, as writers, complete our research on any topic.     


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