Writing Inspiration Abounds

Good evening! A visit to the market was rewarded with an observation of someone having an interesting conversation on their cell phone. We crossed paths multiple times in different aisles – it was too interesting, and public, to not observe. Here goes the side I could hear, “I am afraid they will say, “Yeah, they look good on paper!” But…” Upon passing them five minutes later in another aisle, “…let them know that I need a position that fits me and not just my resume’.” Isn’t this observation a great writing prompt! I love it when I stumble upon such observations! What’s even more beneficial to me, as a writer, is that this person displayed body language and tone that allowed me to imagine how the other side of the conversation may be displayed. Yes, this is how I spend my days – taking in every sight and sound – analyzing each for a dose of writing inspiration. Where do you find inspiration to write? Do you find it while reading a book? While listening to a certain genre of music? Outdoors? Indoors? I find it to be amazing – the amount of inspiration that surrounds us in a daily walk through life — observations just waiting for a writer to wander along and bring them to life in their pages.  


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