Writer Keeps Pursuing Dream

Good evening! I’ve been thinking about that feeling that comes over a person when they have a dream they desire to achieve someday.  It is a very exhilarating feeling that provides the drive to keep moving toward it each day. Determination has proven to be a key factor to keep a dream on the radar with a busy daily schedule. Another key factor is tenacity because obstacles will get in the way to distract us – sometimes serving as the reason we abandon our dream. There is such sadness in a person’s eyes when they share with me that they allowed   someone or something to distract them from achieving their dream – every story is full of regret. There is no joy in living a life full of regrets.  The daily drive of pursuing a dream adds passion to your life. Do not deny yourself such joy of a life filled with passion!   Another tool is to visualize yourself already living your dream – imagine how your life will improve by reaching this milestone. If you can visualize it then you are breathing life into your dream. It proves to be the foundation of those who have already reached their ultimate goal – – here are some results shared from those I know when I asked,  “What does it really feel like to daily ‘live your dream’?” — Two common answers — (1) “It is everything I expected it would be and, yes,the anticipation was worth it! I wake up each day full of passion – doing what I love!” -or- (2) “It feels great to get this reward after working so hard – it has taught me that dreams are real! I know because I am living mine!”  Their answers are always spoken with such confidence as they display a wide-eyed sense of enjoyment. Each time I hear these comments – I feel even more determined to stay focused on achieving my dream — so that I too may experience the same sense of joy! Do not allow anyone or anything to steal the joy of achieving your dream! 


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