One More Snowman!

Good evening! I observed the cutest scene today…the sun is shining brightly and melting away all the snow…a little girl was playing in one small patch of snow left on the ground. I wondered how the dialogue was exchanged before she went outside to play,  Here are a few scenarios I have created in my mind…

Daughter: “Mama, may I go outside to build another snowman before the snow is all gone?”

Mother: “Sweetie, I am sorry to tell you that the snow has melted away.”

Daughter: “Not all of it, mama, let me show you…there is some snow left…can I please go play in it?”

Mother: (laughing) “Sweetie, that is just a small patch…you will not be able to build a snowman with such a small amount.”

Daughter: “Yes I can! Please let me go outside and I’ll show you! I just need a really little bit to build a snowman!”

Mother: “Ok, dear, have fun!” (Mother smiles proudly while observing her daughter sing as she sets out to build one last snowman with the small patch of snow left on the ground.)

Or – an alternate dialogue –

Mother: “Sweetie, do you want to go outside to play in the snow before it all melts away?”

Daughter: “Mama, it is already gone, my snowman melted already.”

Mother: “I see a small patch of snow right next to where your snowman was…I think there is just enough for you to build one small snowman before the sun melts the rest of  the snow away. After you build your snowman, we can bake some cookies and have hot cocoa just like we did last week when you made your tall snowman.”

Daughter: (excitedly) “I’ll try really hard with that little bit of snow, mama, but it will be a really little snowman, can I still have cookies if the snowman is really little?”

Mother: (hugging daughter) “Yes, dear, you can have cookies even if the snowman is teeny tiny!”

Daughter: “Thank you mama, I’m gonna make the best little snowman there ever was for you!”




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