Writing Skills Beneficial For Life Skills

Good evening! Writing skills are transferable into life skills. When storyboarding, we compartmentalize each scene – or set of facts that we have researched – into a designated chapter. Life is very similar – we compartmentalize areas of our life, many times without intentionally doing so – that is unless you, too, are a perfectionist like me.  If I do not break the details of my life into compartments, I would feel confused. Just for the record – I do not like confusion – I prefer clarity! Clarity is my friend! Clarity keeps me sane! Imagine how a story would flow without utilizing this skill – we would be rewriting scene after scene because we would be confused as to which character belongs to a particular scene or which fact fits timely to a particular scene – the end may accidentally fall in the middle or the middle may land too close to the beginning — all examples that could damage the aesthetics of your story. The benefit gained from utilizing this skill will be the exact opposite  – your story will have a steady rhythm. Your point of view will be clear. Does that not sound satisfying to have the same results in your daily life? Try to compartmentalize your life for just one week to measure the results and determine if your very own personal life will benefit from a necessary writing skill.



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2 responses to “Writing Skills Beneficial For Life Skills

  1. Interesting concept! 😉


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