Writer Alerts of Real-Life Scripting

Good evening! Dialogue is very important to writers…we enjoy engaging our characters…in fact, we would have no story without dialogue. With that said, we know that dialogue is a  huge benefit to writers. Unfortunately, everyone does not use dialogue with good intentions in real-life. How do you feel when someone is attempting to ‘script‘ you? We are very familiar with the type of script that a screenplay writer intends their cast to follow to bring a story to life on stage.  Are you aware of the type of people, who usually have the opposite intention, when ‘scripting‘ you. This is what it looks like – a person will ask you a question that they already know the answer to – their intent is to prompt some type of verbal response from you – typically, these are questions that generate a negative response which will serve as their justification to engage you in a debate. I share this technique to alert you to be on guard against people who practice this cruel method of communication. Be observant of a person’s intent during conversations. If you sense that someone is ‘scripting’ you – refuse to engage! It is unhealthy communication! Yes, a script works well on the pages for writers – but not so well off the pages with people who have cruel intentions. Beware of being scripted!


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