Creativity Takes Control Of Writer

Good evening! My favorite movie is “A Civil Action” because I really enjoy the journey that the writer sends the attorney through — the attorney’s perspective of this particular case from the onset – to his amazing internal transformation throughout – especially at the end. I encourage you to watch this movie and pay close attention to the very last line, spoken by the judge, at the close of this story – what an amazing ending!  Do you know how your story will end before you begin writing? I remember when I wrote my first novel, during NANOWRIMO, I had no clue how the story would end. I had committed myself to let go of my perfectionism and allow my creativity to breath. In other words, I stepped out of my comfort zone by allowing my ‘creativity‘ to get in the driver’s seat and take me along on the journey.  It felt good to be the passenger. I learned that I like getting out of my own way because I discovered how much more potential I have when I tame my perfectionism. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I decided that I never want to know the ending before I begin the pages of any of my stories – I want to keep being surprised when I reach “THE END”.  I love that feeling of having a smile as a result of completeness from ‘work well done’! What is your favorite movie and why is it your favorite as a writer?



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2 responses to “Creativity Takes Control Of Writer

  1. I am not sure I have a favorite movie – I do love the rom coms.

    I would say I love Julia Julia or You’ve got mail. They are both based off of books and narrated. I usually know where I;m going at the end of a story or my writing, but have no clue how I well get there. I like the writing to come full circle and be tied up at the bow at the end! 🙂 I will def check out the movie! happy writing!


    • Hi mamalisa4, thanks for returning. Isn’t it hard to choose one favorite? I also like the two you shared, especially Julie & Julia because it is based on two true stories that happened to cross paths and a great ending too – there are days when I must see both this one and You’ve Got Mail – ah…I could spend days in that bookstore! Meg and Tom can make any ending memorable, huh! I noticed that you like the narration in your movie choices – I noticed how well it works in these two also – especially You’ve Got Mail – I really miss Nora Ephron – her writing style was elegant.

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