Writer Treasures Happiness

Good evening! What makes you happy? Spending quality time with my family and spending hours writing are two actions that make me happy. Why does writing make me happy….because it is when I choose to share a part of my heart – that I pour into my pages! How many times did you finish your pages and ask yourself such questions as…”Where did that come from?- or – “Did I really write that?” – or – “I did not know that I had that in me!” Do you watch your reader’s reaction to your pages when you ask them to preview before you send the final draft to the printer? Do you re-read your own stories after the final editions – after the printer – after it arrives on the shelves of bookstores? I have found the most rewarding part of writing to observe the non-verbal reactions of someone reading my pages and learning that their response is exactly the way I anticipated while writing and editing – – I treasure those moments because they bring me much joy! I feel it is important to identify both – the tangible and intangible – things that make us happy in life and spend as much time with the intangible things that we possibly can – because there are great stories to be written when the foundation is happiness. I have a fondness for happy stories with happy endings!


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