Benefits Gained When Surrender Control

Good evening! How easy is it for you to relinquish “control” in your life? Have you attempted? Was it easy? Difficult? Writing a novel is one of the best exercises to help you master this healthy step. For all you fellow perfectionists out there – I understand how difficult this step can be. As perfectionist, we have this theory that the only way something will meet our expectations is if we are always in the driver’s seat of every task we approach in our life — and I do mean e-v-e-r-y!! — I found that one essential step to resolving the “control” syndrome – is to allow yourself to release “control”.  The process of writing a novel requires sharing control with our characters – which result in a story that last the length of a novel that has the ability to sustain our readers interest. Mastering this technique in writing takes effort, perseverance, physical and mental endurance, and patience – just to name a few skills. Ironically, it takes these very same skills to convince yourself that it is healthy to not always be in “control” mode. Think of many benefits we can gain by not needing to be in “control” of everything –  gain time; build strong characters who perform well; gain compassion because we allow people to feel appreciated; learn to be humble because we realize that we do not have all the answers; learn acceptance because we let people be who they want to be rather than conforming to our demands of who we want them to be (important for our characters too); and gain insight because we learn that the only actions we can control are our own. Try to surrender control in just one small area of your life today and share the outcome with someone you trust. 


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