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Writer Aims To Be Clear

Good morning! What happens when your pages are not clear? Confusion? The characters are misinterpreted? The author’s point of view is misunderstood? The reader abandons your story? The reviewers – oh…it takes courage to imagine what they might write! Unless….of course, we make sure that our pieces are clear – that our point of view is clear; that our characters roles are clear, that our title and our content are congruent. When we are clear, we are honoring ourself as a writer and we are showing deep respect to our readers. We are increasing the likelihood that our readers will want to stay with our pieces from cover-to-cover and linger in anticipation of our next published piece. This is the desire of many writers that I have followed – it is also my writing desire! Before printing a piece – or publishing – I ask myself, “What am I trying to say in this piece?” Then I re-read and edit until that particular point of view is resolved. For example, today, I wanted to write about “being clear as a writer” and the question I share at the opening of the post are the very same questions that I ask myself before I begin a piece. When I keep these questions in mind – in the process of writing – it keeps me focused on my intent for the particular piece to be clear. How do you approach your pages to ensure that your writing is clear?


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