Shyness Begone! Author No Longer Coy With Writing

Good Morning! “I am not coy with my writing!” This best-selling author’s words stung me as I sat in the audience listening to responses from the writers panel. I tried to ignore the sting, but it lingered with me for weeks and even months. I kept silently asking myself, “Why does her statement matter to me?” I knew it meant something to remain in my psyche for such a long time – my brain would not cooperate when I requested this statement be stored in one of my neat compartments. It was as if my brain was screaming, “Objection – No! I will not file this statement away because it is unresolved! I will listen to you when you become aware of what this statement is telling you.” Yikes! I was in conflict with my brain – my ‘perfectionism’ strikes again! I needed this statement compartmentalized so that I could regain that space. Hmmm…I needed to resolve this mystery. I recalled from my memory the sentence she said following the stinging statement, “I am not afraid to share my writing!” – I pondered…What does that mean?…to me? No! I have no fear of writing – in fact – writing is like AIR to me – I cannot NOT write everyday! However, I cannot deny that, as an introvert, I dodge audiences. I began to challenge myself with questions – When you write ‘offline’ how many are in your audience? That’s an easy answer – ONE! – I decided to examine this word – #coy – WEBSTER defines it as, “artfully or affectedly shy or reserved” — Yes, that defines me – My shyness certainly affected my “online” writing. My resolve is in the answer to these questions – Who am I sharing my writing with? – Who is my audience? — My solution to defeat being #coy is to grow my audience. Today, I begin a new journey –I will defeat shyness by sharing my writing with the world. What does that really mean? It means that I have to ‘raise the bar’ – I must increase the challenge – I will muster my courage and journey where the audience is massive! Here goes! – Would love to have your support on the ‘global’ platform as I continue to utilize my Blog and branch out into the community of “TWITTER” and “FACEBOOK” – as I take this huge leap to defeat my shyness and no longer be #coy with my writing!


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