Writer Captures Stories Unfolding in Dreams

Good afternoon! The perfect scene unfolded in my sleep — then it happened – I awakened and could not revisit the scene. “No! No! No! I must capture that #perfect #scene on paper!”  I jumped to my feet, grabbed a writing tool, fingers dashed across the keyboard, eyes still adjusting to being awake, brain screaming – “Slow down – it’s stored in here – we got it!” Aahhh! The joy of being a writer – every encounter can be the genesis for an amazing story – the people you meet while you are awake – and the people you meet in your #dreams. I am a huge fan of personal #stories. When I meet someone for the first time, especially in a one-on-one conversation, I am excited to engage in dialogue. I listen attentively to anything they are willing to share about their life – the writer in me always on ‘high-alert’ for any opportunity they provide to hear “their story”. – My ears are never closed – “I hear you world!” I do wonder why some stories in our dreams are easy to retain in our memory – allowing us to capture once we are awake – whilst others are very difficult to retain and slip away.  I would love to hear from any experts out there who can explain this well – to pacify my curiosity.  I feel very blessed, as a writer, when I can begin my day with a perfect scene – this allows me to spend the entire day building an arc with this scene as the nucleus of my story. Would love to hear from an expert dream analyst to feed my curiosity. 


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