Writer Identifies Three Benefits of Perfectionism

Good morning! Flexibility needed to meet writing goal. I still struggle with this daily – mainly because I am in constant conflict with my perfectionism.  My grandmother meant the world to me – and her words of wisdom have always proven to work positively for me. She warned me that when I have such a difficult habit to break, as perfectionism, I will always have to revisit my method to keep managing it. Once again, she was correct! Because, you see — I still yearn for that p-e-r-f-e-c-t environment. However, I refuse to revert back to the non-productive days due to my perfectionism. How do I resolve this? I present my grandmother’s favorite question – “What is the silver lining in this challenge?” The silver lining is to search for the benefits in my perfectionism. My first step in this resolve was to challenge myself to list the pros and cons of my perfectionism. My second step was to isolate the cons – while I utilize all the pros to my benefit. My conclusion was fantastic for my writing – I identified three major benefits of my perfectionism to utilize in my favor – Benefit #1 – My perfectionism gives me the drive to meet my daily goal without any interruptions – this increases my productivity. – Benefit #2 – My perfectionism has taught me to be selective in my word choices – this strengthens my point of view. – Benefit #3 – My perfectionism  gives me the ability to write extensive, very detailed, character bios – this increases my creativity to know the depth of my character. After applying my grandmother’s wisdom – I realize that flexibility and perfectionism are not enemies after all.  Focusing on these three key benefits as I write – allow me to defeat the cons of my perfectionism.      


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