Writer Defies FEAR to Fill Blank Pages

Good Afternoon! Do not fear the blank page! My approach to the blank page is – “We are not enemies – we are friends!” Every inch of white space I see before me — be it a napkin – an unlined index card – a ‘sticky post-it’ note – a sketchbook – an empty ‘new document’ page on my word processor – a blank envelope — I view all of this blank space as an open INVITATION to allow my creative thoughts to be FREE.  Since I do not claim to have any drawing skills – I allow my ‘paintbrush’ to be my pen – or pencil (green bar) – or my fingers attached to a keyboard. When FEAR approaches – I defy it! “Hello fear, I was expecting you! You have to jump on board with me because I refuse to allow you to stop me from letting my creativity flow onto this BLANK PAGE!” – In essence, I CLAIM my blank space – I take full responsibility for taking that naked white space and pouring my carefully crafted words in a dancing rhythm onto the page.  No! The blank page does not scare me – I embrace it fully! I am allowing my motto for NANOWRIMO 2015 to be “Ah – another blank page – I’ll make my mark there!”


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