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Writing Daily Results in Winner of 30-Day Novel Challenge

Good evening! I DID IT! 60293 WORDS IN 30 DAYS! What an AMAZING way to complete a 30-Day novel writing challenge by exceeding the goal I set for myself.  I refused any distractions to stay on track to claim this prize – #NaNoWinner2015 – the progress I have made in year 3 is the result of writing daily all year. Being a winner of this 30-Day challenge validates my writing ability. Being a winner AND exceeding my goal of 55000 words is evidence of how much I loved my characters in this year’s novel. They began to challenge me in Scene 1 and continued to challenge me all the way to “THE END” and I loved every minute of it! They kept me on my toes – when I wanted to go in one direction – especially one character – always wanted to take me down another path…all I could say was, “You’re leading and I am following – I have no clue where you are trying to take me but I am along for the journey! And at the end of the story – I applaud each of my characters – especially the one who took me around curves and over mountains (metaphorically speaking, of course). I began this story with a seed of an idea – I ended my story transformed into a better person with a new perspective on life – who knew that my characters in this novel would have such an impact on me! This has been a very valuable 30-Day challenge for my writing and my life! It truly is a new day for me!





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Writer Enjoying Characters in 30-Day Novel Challenge

Good evening! 18,500 out of 55,000 on Day 10….and still counting. Just wanted to take a brief break to say “Hello!” to each November novel writer around the globe. I am sure you all are having just as much fun as I with your amazing characters. My idea is truly growing into an amazing story that leaves me smiling at the end of each day! I have fallen in love with my characters – they make me laugh, yell, and cry! I am truly enjoying this 30-day journey with them. It will be difficult to let go – with only twenty more days to tango with my charming characters that are making this year’s challenge worth every minute I invest. I am enjoying the dance (writing). Enjoy the remainder of our 30-Day challenge. That’s all for now…my characters are calling! Off I go…back to writing!

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