Confident Writers Reject Self-Doubt

Good morning! Believe in your ideas! Self-doubt is powerful! I attended a writing workshop in which responses from the audience of writers broke my heart. Time-after-time hands were raised – requesting validation on their ideas ending with, “Is this ok?” The ideas they were sharing were AMAZING! I wanted to answer them, “The fact that YOU created that idea –  makes it ‘okay’!” The seed of doubt landed in the minds of these avid writers and stole their confidence. Self-doubt caused them to second-guess their ability as a writer. I strongly believe that the validation they were requesting would likely not have been needed if their confidence was strong. Why is this observation important to us? Because this can happen to any of us, at any given time, if we allow the seed of doubt into our mind. Low self-esteem opens the door to self-doubt. Increased self-esteem is necessary for writers! The first step to increase self-esteem is to believe in yourself – believe in your writing ability – believe in the ideas YOU create. Take a moment to analyze what you are seeking validation for  – let’s imagine we were in the same position as the workshop writers – Each idea generated to form the foundation for our story is creativity at work – We need to give ourself credit for our hard work. Affirm ourself. Affirmations are a great tool to increase self-esteem. Increased self-esteem builds confidence. Confident writers protect their creativity by rejecting self-doubt. Confident writers believe in their ideas.


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