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Writer Observes Value In Seasons

Good evening. Seasons are Innovative! Notice how many industries follow seasons – in some manner: In the writing industry – we follow seasons of annual book festivals, fairs, contests, promotions and novel-writing challenges as thousands of writers prepare all year to devote 30 days of our life to writing a first draft novel; in the clothing industry – designers and clothing stores spend an entire year presenting lines of fashion to keep customers covered in style each season;  in the wedding industry – wedding planners help loving couples prepare for a season that has been deemed the most popular time of year to host their fabulous day! Yes, seasons are valuable! Seasons can serve as our compass to determine if we are going in the right direction – This is very valuable! “Why is this valuable?” – because if we WANT success in our chosen industry – we must prepare for and exercise ACTIVE engagement in each season of our industry.  This ACTIVE engagement allows us to keep learning – there is always MORE to learn! As we gain more knowledge, we become BETTER! It’s a common desire in all industries – the yearning to be BETTER!


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Writer On A Mission!

Good afternoon! I am on a MISSION! Mission Statement, that is! My research, through the years, has shown successful businesses to have two elements of a common thread: 1) They have a MISSION STATEMENT – 2) They LIVE their MISSION internally from the CEO to the Janitor! It is the businesses that take BOTH elements SERIOUSLY that reap huge BENEFITS! I have decided to follow their successful plan by implementing these TWO ELEMENTS as a WRITER. I am writing a MISSION STATEMENT that will serve as the guiding light for my WRITING – I will LIVE this MISSION in every story that I write! Yes, this is my most recent journey that I have committed to my TO-DO list, to fulfil my 2016 GOAL! Each week I search for a strategy that I have not utilized before with my writing – to push myself to GROW. My writing is “Serious Business” – it only seems logical to view a few angles of successful businesses and apply the same techniques that resulted in their benefits. Most Legends echo the same motto, “Find the people who are doing what you want to do – and follow what they are doing.”  Thus, ‘people’ can be interchangeable with ‘businesses’ – to follow as an example of success. I also like to follow different ‘industries’ to learn new trends they introduce and how I can apply their innovation to my writing. It’s a fun journey!

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Journal Writing Resolves Character Conflict In 2016

Paperblanks Old Leather Journal Midi 5In. X 7In.Good evening! Daily writing in a journal is great exercise for many writers. January is a great time to start a new journal. I decided to share my post written at the beginning of last year because I feel very inspired when I write about my journal. My journal is my favorite daily book. When I journal, I feel like I am entering the safety of an emotional cocoon, which allows me to shut off all my filters, and knock down all my defensive walls — leaving pure, honest, and raw words to flow across the pages of my journal. When I arrive at the end of my journal entry, I am always amazed at the results of allowing myself to be vulnerable to what my true emotions reveal to me through the journal process. Have you ever had one of those writing days of attempting to complete a scene — and it feels as though you (author) and your character are in direct conflict — which results in your deleting and rewriting the scene’ over-and-over’ again, as you (author) face difficulty in identifying what the conflict is? This is a perfect time to take a ‘journal break’; if you are willing to allow yourself to be exposed emotionally, then you may be able to reveal what the conflict is by the end of your journal exercise. Identifying the conflict will bring you much inspiration and encouragement to revisit the scene, resolve the conflict and watch your character perform with excellence as the scene unfolds. I invite all of you amazing writers to challenge yourself to such a journal exercise on a regular basis and observe how much inspiration it brings to your daily writing. Tell me how you recently resolved a character conflict?



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A Writer’s QUIET Space

Good evening! My QUIET space! What environment allows you to go DEEP into your writing – I mean that ZONE where nothing else in the world matters but the words swimming in your head, the blank page, and your imagination! I can complete research and capture observances in public spaces surrounded by unique background sounds that include multiple conversations, transportation, nature. I can complete a blog post and I can complete a journal page in these open, sound-filled spaces too – sometimes. But, when I am ready to take care of WRITING business – I must have absolute Silence! What does that mean? No TV – No music, No walking, No running, No chatter, No whispers, No sneezing, No coughing, No snoring – Pure Silence! Yes, I do realize that I can’t have this PERFECT, sound-free, environment ALL the time – and neither is it necessary ALL the time. But when I am done with research and capturing observances I want to include in a piece – that is the moment I escape into this ZONE – I enter my QUIET space to go DEEP into my thoughts. In my QUIET space – I feel such a connection to my words. In my QUIET space – My Imagination and the WORDS mesh – performing a delicate dance along the beautiful white space that was once a blank page. In my QUIET space – my characters and I unite! In my QUIET space – my writing soul is at peace! In my QUIET space – my creativity has no boundaries.

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Question: Does Your Writer VOICE Define You?

Good afternoon! Does your VOICE define you? My post today is a reflection of a recent experience – I hope to start a conversation – at a minimum, I want to share my experience because I wonder how other writers respond to such disappointment. Here goes…I waited patiently – and with much anticipation – for my turn to read the newest release by my favorite author. This author’s opening was the same, I took this as the ‘green light’ to get really cozy. I cleared the space in my time and heart to get lost in this release. Oh my, was I disappointed! A few pages into this new release, I recognized such a change that it forced me back to the front cover to reassure myself that I read the author’s name correctly.  I kept repeating, “Something is very different with this book! Who is this author! This is NOT the author I know!” It was very difficult to stick with this book – I began to scan the pages – searching for the VOICE I loved and have been following for many years. I could not find the VOICE I knew so well. My patience  decreased the deeper I delved into the scanned pages – my scan became a skip of pages. “Nothing! – It is NOT here! – It’s gone! This is a new VOICE! I do not feel a connection to this new dance these words are executing on these pages!” Finally, I reached the end of this disappointing story.  I almost abandoned this novel multiple times – but I did not – It was LOYALTY only that kept me turning the pages. Notice it kept me turning – NOT reading! I was relieved to reach the end of this novel. Usually when I reach the end of one of this author’s books, I allow myself time to reflect on the story. Not this time – I felt a high degree of disappointment – Granted, I only actually digested about one-third of this novel. Never-the-less, I felt it was wasted time! Now I am pondering…”Hmm…is my favorite author loosing their VOICE – OR – Are they simply trying something NEW – Or – Maybe my preference is changing …” Here’s my point – I allowed myself to get attached to the consistent VOICE this author showed in many of their successful books. Clearly, I understand how I became attached. Their VOICE produced stories that I connected with. I  defined this author by their consistent VOICE. This experience has forced me to research VOICE in writing. I am now curious – How would you handle your favorite author changing their VOICE? Do you define yourself, as an author, by your VOICE?


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Writer View of Conflict: Stepping Stone or Stumbling Block

Good evening! Stepping Stones versus Stumbling Blocks! Conflict will arise when we write – because no story is complete without it –  sometimes we welcome it – other times we dread it. How do you identify which category to place the conflict stirring on the pages? My view of conflict is determined by the answer to these questions – “Is today’s conflict moving my story one step forward with clarity?” If my summary is a solid “Yes!”, the conflict becomes identified as a Stepping Stone. I welcome Stepping Stones into my writing because this type of conflict elevates my writing – my imagination soars – the flow of my story is smooth – my characters step into the story at the precise time; their pace is perfect; our conclusion is in sync – and I have less editing before final draft. The second test question to determine my view of conflict – “Is today’s conflict challenging my ‘voice’ in this piece?” If my answer is “Yes!”, the conflict becomes identified as a Stumbling Block.  I dread Stumbling Blocks mostly because they steal my valuable writing time – attempting to hijack my story by transforming my voice.  In these instances I have to exercise continuous redirection of my characters – which throws off my rhythm and steals my creative efforts. I have formed a purely speculative conclusion – that Stumbling Blocks have forced many writers to give up on their story – I believe that this may be the number one reason that unfinished pieces live in manilla folders in the back of file cabinets – or on the bottom shelf of a bookshelf – never to be viewed again because they are proof of defeat. I,too, am guilty of conflict defeat! Let’s do ourselves a favor by visiting that file cabinet – let’s select one of our unfinished pieces and face this type of conflict as a GIFT this time.  Completing our unfinished story, with this new perspective, will prove that both  views of conflict add value that lead to writing growth.

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Protecting Values In A Competitive Writing Market

Good afternoon! What do you stand for? This question is very valuable to me! If my work is not congruent with my values – I can feel it! I pause and rewind to evaluate how those words landed on the page – the ones that do NOT match my values. Needless to say –  I have become good friends with the delete key. Lol. I cannot send a piece of work out into the void unless it matches my values! I realize that I am sheltering my creativity – but I am gaining something much more valuable in the process of protecting my values. I once observed an elementary student share with an audience of parents how they protect their values daily. The courage this young student displayed filled my heart with joy. When our standards are a part of our core values then every decision we make, each day, is matched against them  – from what we decide to wear – to what we choose to pour into our minds – to who we allow into our personal space – to the issues we choose to keep our voice silent versus the issues we must speak and write to allow our voice to be heard.  My research has proven the writing market to always be competitive because we all have incredible stories to share – it’s always been a matter of whom we can persuade to believe in our story as much as we do! Today’s market is more competitive because we have the benefit of more mediums to display our great work, thus many more choices for readers to decide which they will devote their time. Will you decrease your standards to win a reader? Or will you wait patiently for the reader who is searching for a writer with solid standards that match their values? I am curious to know how you protect your values, in today’s writing market?

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