Question: Does Your Writer VOICE Define You?

Good afternoon! Does your VOICE define you? My post today is a reflection of a recent experience – I hope to start a conversation – at a minimum, I want to share my experience because I wonder how other writers respond to such disappointment. Here goes…I waited patiently – and with much anticipation – for my turn to read the newest release by my favorite author. This author’s opening was the same, I took this as the ‘green light’ to get really cozy. I cleared the space in my time and heart to get lost in this release. Oh my, was I disappointed! A few pages into this new release, I recognized such a change that it forced me back to the front cover to reassure myself that I read the author’s name correctly.  I kept repeating, “Something is very different with this book! Who is this author! This is NOT the author I know!” It was very difficult to stick with this book – I began to scan the pages – searching for the VOICE I loved and have been following for many years. I could not find the VOICE I knew so well. My patience  decreased the deeper I delved into the scanned pages – my scan became a skip of pages. “Nothing! – It is NOT here! – It’s gone! This is a new VOICE! I do not feel a connection to this new dance these words are executing on these pages!” Finally, I reached the end of this disappointing story.  I almost abandoned this novel multiple times – but I did not – It was LOYALTY only that kept me turning the pages. Notice it kept me turning – NOT reading! I was relieved to reach the end of this novel. Usually when I reach the end of one of this author’s books, I allow myself time to reflect on the story. Not this time – I felt a high degree of disappointment – Granted, I only actually digested about one-third of this novel. Never-the-less, I felt it was wasted time! Now I am pondering…”Hmm…is my favorite author loosing their VOICE – OR – Are they simply trying something NEW – Or – Maybe my preference is changing …” Here’s my point – I allowed myself to get attached to the consistent VOICE this author showed in many of their successful books. Clearly, I understand how I became attached. Their VOICE produced stories that I connected with. I  defined this author by their consistent VOICE. This experience has forced me to research VOICE in writing. I am now curious – How would you handle your favorite author changing their VOICE? Do you define yourself, as an author, by your VOICE?



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  1. Cassandra Harrison

    Great Read!!


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