Writer Sets Boundaries to Enforce During Novel-Writing Challenge In November

Good evening! A valuable lesson I learned years ago, in an Economics class, is the definition of “opportunity costs” – this is my summary that I apply to many aspects of my life – “What would I be willing to give up NOW – that will allow me to have something, I deem more valuable, in the FUTURE?”  This Economics lesson has proven to be very valuable to me in many aspects of my life. Usually, when we think about economics, our thought process may go directly to money – yet, opportunity costs are not always measured in minted bills — it could also be measured in intangible assets – such as time, sweat-equity, or, really, anything you choose. I want to apply this principle to the writing challenge in November.  I learned, after investing multiple years in NaNoWriMo, that October is the time to be cognizant of my ‘opportunity costs’ – this early decision has helped me prepare my brain to endure the 30-day novel-writing challenge. Making this decision BEFORE the challenge starts on November 1st, has also allowed me to set healthy boundaries that are easy to enforce as I am in the trenches of writing my novel throughout November. I begin by asking myself 3 essential questions:

  1. What is my END-GOAL for this novel-writing challenge?
  2. How much TIME and ENERGY do I possess to invest in this writing challenge?
  3. Am I committed to WINNING this writing challenge – or is this just a method to ‘pass time’?

My answers to these 3 questions are the foundation to support the actions I intend to exercise within these boundaries that I set. — “What will I give up in November — to reap the great reward of a 50,000 word count novel that I will be able to treasure for many years?” – Decision Time! Be right back! —-

Done! My boundaries are written! I am In It to WIN It! How about you? What are you willing to give up for an entire 30 days to meet your novel-writing GOAL? Will you set boundaries NOW – to be ready to enforce them on Day 1 of NaNoWriMo?  Will you be proud of your achievement when NaNoWriMo’s word-count validator reveals your 2016 results? Are you in this challenge to WIN – with many fabulous writers around the globe? Act quickly!…because time is escaping – only 14 Days – 3 hours – and 48 minutes remaining before the writing madness begins!

© Daily Writer Girl 10/17/2016







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