Writer Ready to Say “Goodbye!” To 2016 Novel Characters, Maybe!

Good evening! Letting go is never easy! My story has come to an end — a second end, that is! The extra time was necessary! I wasn’t ready to say “Goodbye!” in November. But…the time has arrived…or at least, I think…okay…Maybe! Never has my heart felt heavier than to bring closure to my 2016 novel….I mean, really, just how long can a novel be before it’s considered too long?   Find the details HERE.  After reading this amazing article…it appears that I am in the ‘safe zone’!  Now it’s time to go deeper! – Adjust my lens!  – Put my EDITOR hat on! Edit! Edit! Edit! I have avoided this stage long enough – I realize that I must ‘put my heart on the shelf‘ to allow my novel to live. I must force myself to let go of my precious characters. Saying “Goodbye!” means having to critique my very own characters. Confession –  this is a very difficult stage in the writing process for me…especially this year – because I am very attached to my characters. Is this normal??? How many of you fabulous writers get this attached to your characters? Before you answer…Do I want to know this answer???..LOL

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