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Passion for Story Fuels Novel Writer

Good evening! Passion!….it’s what drives us to chase a story that we feel the world needs to hear! It’s what steals our sleep in the dark, ‘a.m.‘ hours. Whilst our body rhythms are demanding of us…”This is the time in which I require you to sleep!”  – Our thoughts ruminate on strategies — “How do I utilize my writing skills to glean enough facts to bring this story to fruition?”  Ahhh, the mind of a writer….does it ever rest? – Rhetorical, of course!  I have no idea why I thought researching facts for my fiction pieces would be any easier than is necessary in writing non-fiction. Hmmm…”Oh boy…was I ever wrong!” I find myself spending just as many hours – digging for facts – to make sure that my fiction pieces are just as accurate. I have learned much from many experienced fiction writers –  “to be absolutely sure that our readers canfeelthemselves in the stories we present“.  It has taken me a few years to really understand how valuable this step is.  I have been applying this lesson to my NaNoWriMo novel – during my editing stage. Bringing me back to why I opened with “Passion” – I have drafted and polished ‘four‘ novels. Each year I ask myself, “Will I shop my manuscript this year?” – Each year I decided, “Not this one!”  — But, this year – 2017 – there is such a fire burning inside of me to share this story with the world!!!!  I find myself full of Passion for this story! My behavior towards this ‘story’ has been unlike any of the previous three. I am pushing my writing skills to newer levels. I am chasing and verifying every fact to satisfy my future readers. Yes, my passion for this story still keeps me up at night…”What if…?”  C’mon…all of you amazing writers have experienced this, huh? My editing journey continues……

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Writer Ponders: Can LOVE Be Restored in 2017

Good evening! As a writer, it is difficult to ignore an observance that bears striking contrast to previous years……I have, unfortunately, experiencing such an observation.  I realize that I am taking a risk in choosing to write about this observance publicly –  but- isn’t that what’s at the core of being a writer – bravery!  I don’t expect any responses – I just want to send my observance into the void – Certainly, things will return to normal in the near future. It has to get better than these past few months..because they have felt rather….. different. Like all writers, I like to explore – search ‘high-and-low’ for stories – Research everything my naked eyes absorb.  Around this time of year, I especially look forward to experiencing LOVE in the air – but, I am finding a, surprisingly, limited supply of LOVE to write about. Please hear me out — No, I am not advocating that LOVE is completely non-existent…however, I have been digging for similar observances to what I witnessed in previous years…because I don’t want to believe that LOVE has decreased to such a level that it is alarming me.  Thus, leading me to the question,  – “What has happened to LOVE since my post in 2016?”  I have observed  unusual demands being put on LOVE these days- causing me to ponder – “Where did LOVE go?”  — “Can LOVE be RESTORED in 2017?”  I am hopeful, that in the months ahead, LOVE will find its way back.   In taking this risk, I, also, sincerely hope that I stand alone in this observation –  because I want to believe that LOVE still exists  in this world. I also feel strongly that the cure to all conflicts – is to share LOVE.  Allow me to share some LOVE today be presenting a portion of one of my favorite posts about  TRUE LOVE —————– From: Daily Writer Girl archives………… True love is a unique feeling. It’s the type of feeling you experience that you can measure every relationship against. It’s a feeling you share with one unique individual that you are drawn so strongly towards  – like two powerful magnets connecting. A type of relationship that allows you to experience emotions so strong and so deep that it does not equate to any other emotion that you will be exposed to in your life – which is what makes it ‘unique’. I am not speaking of passing attractions or fixes to temporary urges because ‘true love’ in no way compares to such false emotions. ‘True love’ is authentic! ‘True love’ is so real that it makes you wonder if this ‘level of real’ is even possible – which is why some people feel like they are ‘simply dreaming’. ‘True love’ is very real!  For those of you who have found ‘true love’ —  you know what I mean by the way you look at each other and everything else around you becomes a blurrrrr; the way your hand feels so secure in theirs when they meet and your fingers lock immediately – like a piece of a puzzle that fits perfectly in place; the way you hug so tightly – because you never want to let go – that you actually forget, in that moment, that you ‘need’ air to breathe; the way you can detect their very voice in a room full of many loud voices;  the way you stare at the cell phone after talking for hours – as if they are going to climb out of that tiny screen and jump into your arms;  the way you can detect their very scent even if they were in a candle store with all the many fragrances colliding in the air; the way one word takes on a new meaning as a code that only the two of you can decipher; and oooh the way you kiss this particular person – it is more intimate than any other kiss you ever experienced – – each one feeling like your very first combined with the fear of it being you very last exudes deep passion — is so very intimate that the feeling lingers for hours, sometimes days, and, yes, sometimes years. Many people will only get to experience this once in their lifetime. A few are fortunate and get a second chance, or even a third – but it is hard for me to believe that one would get many chances because this experience is so unique that these two people want to feel this way forever – which is why they invest time, patience, and whatever is necessary to nurture such a unique experience to never lose it. Many of us are so busy or distracted that we, sadly, allow it to pass-on-by! To those of you who have never experienced true love, my heart aches for you because this is the type of emotion that leaves an everlasting imprint on your heart – one that I feel everyone should have the opportunity to experience at least once in their lifetime. For those of you who let this unique love slip through your fingers – I say do not give up on love! For those of you who fear letting someone know that you feel any of these emotions in their presence – I encourage you to be brave enough to share it because you lose less when you share ‘real love’ – try looking at your fear from this positive point of view – even if you get rejected, you will feel love in your own heart from the courage you exercised to risk exposing your feelings to an uncertain outcome. Another benefit is that you will no longer go through life ‘wondering’ – “What if they are feeling the same towards me? How will I know unless I tell them how I feel?”   Taking action to get answers to these lingering questions brings clarity in your heart. Once you gain such clarity, you can make room for true love to enter your heart!  I want to close my post today with a snippet of a short poem that I have treasured for many years. I do not have a clue who owns these amazingly patterned words – in honoring credit to them – I am identifying them as “Unknown” and thank them for writing these motivational words — “The love in your heart was not put there to stay — love is not love until you give it away!”

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